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Our Lightening and Glow Set, the ultimate key to unlock your skin's inner brilliance. Crafted to perfection, it's your path to a diamond-like radiant and flawlessly glowing complexion, suitable for all skin types.


Products in this set:


  1. Baby smooth Face wash
  2. Diamond glass face toner
  3. Diamond glass face cream
  4. Walang Kamali face and body scrub
  5. Diamond glass skin bath wash
  6. Diamond glass skin lotion
  7. Diamond glass skin oil


142 500,00₦Prix
  • Effortlessly embrace your radiant transformation with these simple steps:
    * Begin with the Baby Smooth Face Wash to cleanse and prime your canvas.
    * Follow up with the Diamond Glass Face Toner to refine and rejuvenate.
    * Seal in the radiance with the Diamond Glass Face Cream for a breathtaking glow.
    * For your body, indulge in the Walang Kamali Face and Body Scrub and the Diamond Glass Skin Bath Wash during your shower.
    * Enhance your glow by gently massaging the Diamond Glass Lotion onto your body.
    * Crown your glow-up with the Diamond Glass Skin Oil for that ultimate diamond-like glow.
    Unlock your skin's full potential with our Lightening and Glow Set. It's more than skincare; it's your radiant journey simplified.