Ultimate  whitening,  knuckle and repair set for ultimate whitening. This set helps for cases of thinning skin, dark Knuckles, sunburn, damaged skin which includes green veins and stretch marks.


This set will repair and whiten the skin safely and flawlessly.

For your face, set includes: 

  • Baby face wash
  • Pink whitening toner 
  • Asian white face cream 
  • Sunburn healing cream 

For the Body, the set includes:

  • Citrus scrub 
  • Bihaku bath wash 
  • Bihaku hot oil 
  • Filipino extra white cream
  • Vein vanish 
  • Miracle cream 
  • Dark hand and feet wash 

Ultimate Whitening and Repair Set

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    • The use of additional sunblock of SPF 30 or higher is strongly recommended.
    • Heavy sun exposure should be limited or avoided.
    • Our Products are for external use only and should not be ingested or used in eyes or mouth.
    • Keep away from reach of children
    • If you have special skin or any medical condition consult with your doctor first and we advise you to do a skin test by trying a small amount of product on a small part of your skin.
    • Do not use Bodye Beautiful on broken, irritated, injured skin.
    • If you notice any irritation discontinue use.