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Our Policy Page

We're constantly updating our policies to provide the best service to our customers and build a sustainable business that continues to produce the safest best in class solutions for all your skincare needs. 

-The "No Cash Refunds" policy

Complete Orders

We have a no refund on completed purchase orders policy as we process orders daily. We currently do not have a system that allows refunds from our courier services, this means confirmed orders cannot be refunded with cash. Kindly ensure readiness to buy before purchase.
We can assist with rerouting your order where your delivery location has changed. This might be subject to a higher delivery fee. In the event of a lower delivery fee where your delivery location changes, we can credit your next delivery fee with that balance. We will be unable to return any cash refund.

Product Exchange

For best health practices, we do not accept or reuse returned products. If a product is replaced due to a defect,  the returned product is destroyed. 
Only unused defective products are eligible for exchange. Note: Please do not use products which are  candidates for complaint 


Products are eligible for exchange when complaints are made within a 48 hour period. 

Duplicate Transactions

In the event of an erroneous duplicate transaction, we will refund within 48 hours. Please bear with us as we will need to verify the duplicate transaction with our bank, before a refund can be effected. Ultimately we will look to get your cash back to you as soon as possible.
In the event of an erroneous over pay, we will refund the balance within 5 working days of confirmation. An example of such a transaction is an extra 0. Erroneous overpays or erroneous duplicate payments cannot be saved within Bodye beautiful accounts and used against promo’s.

Product Return Policy

Please speak to one our our customer service agents to guide you through this process as soon as you spot an issue. Our products are made from natural plant extracts, the colors might slightly change, these are not defects and are not eligible for an exchange, however we would like for you to rest assured you're getting the best of what you paid for. 

Please follow these steps for returning any products in which a defect has been spotted:

  1. Thoroughly check your product and report any spotted defects within 48 hours of receiving your order, for proven cases to be eligible for a free exchange.

  2. Complaints made after 48hours of receiving your package will not be eligible for an exchange.  

  3. Complaints must be accompanied by clear pictures of defect(s) to our customer service agent, and must be sent immediately when spotted ahead of free pick up by our dispatch. 

  4. Please do not use products that are candidates of return or exchange, we care about your skin and will ensure that you are back on your skin care regime as soon as possible. Any signs of use immediately disqualifies that product for exchange. 

  5. We will investigate pictures sent alongside returned products fairly and give a clear verdict and solution to your problem. We will not leave you hanging, and aim to close the case as quickly as possible and get you back on your skincare regime.


Purchase Caveat

Kindly check and verify products properly before placing an order as exchange after purchase is only eligible based on the return product policy as stipulated above.

Promo Policy

Our promotions are time sensitive and cannot be booked in lieu. Users can only enjoy promotions when an order is completed within the period of the promotion. If you intend for us to keep your credit, that credit can only be used against the original prices of an item, when the credit was made. Our promo products are a finite number and based on availability.

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