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This Extreme whitening cream is made for stubborn , impenetrable skin. It is specially formulated to whiten darken areas of the body.
It evens out and whitens the complexion whilst fighting pigmentation problems.



Collagen, Isopropyl arbutine, root extract, caborner, citric acid, mineral oil, sweet almond oil, glycerin, stearin acid, Alpha Arbutin, herbal extracts, carrot oil extract, butyrosperum Parkii ( Shea butter).

BIHAKU Whitening Cream

1.12 Pounds
  • Step 1: After your bath, ensure your skin is still damp.

    Step 2: Gently apply the product all over your damp skin before bedtime.

    Step 3: For optimal results, consider combining this product with Bihaku hot oil.

    Achieve the best results by following this easy routine. Your skin will thank you!