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Our extraordinary Stretchmark and Repair Set, a foursome of Himala wonders that will transform your skin like never before. This set comes with a small bottle of lotion.


Contianed in this set

  1. HIMALA "Miracle" stretchmark & Repair Cream (500 g)
  2. HIMALA stretchmark oil.
  3. Himala Nature's repair & Stretch mark butter.
  4. Himala "miracle" lightening & repair bath wash.



  • Follow this simple, yet powerful ritual:

    1. Take a bath with the Himala bath wash.
    2. On clean skin, start with the Himala "Miracle" Repair Cream, applying it in upward strokes on the affected areas. Let it the cream be absorbed by your skin, (5-10 minutes depending on the temperature of your environment) 
    3. ...And then layer on the Himala Nature's Butter for an extra dose of hydration.
    4. Seal the deal with our Stretchmark Oil, locking in the moisture and sealing the promise of revitalized skin.

    🌙 For exceptional results, use this enchanting foursome day and night. And remember, the Himala "Miracle" Repair Cream can be your daily companion, a guardian angel for your skin, working tirelessly to repair, nurture, moisturize, and protect your skin, all day long.